Saracens Team Photos

In his Foreward to the Club’s very first official history, published on the occasion of Saracens 50th Anniversary on 30th January 1926, Club Captain O.R.G Williams noted in his opening lines “When reading the pages of this brief outline of the history of Saracens Football Club, the reader must bear in mind that the records of the Club had been lost and nothing was known of its origin and early years when this work was commenced”

As we start work on this Project to unearth the stories of those Saracens who served in the First World War, O.R.G.’s words echo down to us across the years, reminding us of the challenges ahead, and emphasising the need for you, our readers, to contribute any information you might have about your families’ ancestors who pulled on a Saracens shirt to represent the Club more than 100 years ago. Can you help?

Please take the time to search through our expanding gallery of Saracens team photos from the pre-1914 era, plus check in our Players Database to see if your relative has been identified by us from other sources….with your help, we can research and share the stories of Saracens players in the First World War. Thank you!

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